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Radeon HD4350 no hardware rendering anymore


I've updated my system from 5.99.48 to 5.99.55 as from three days ago (I'm
currently not on that system, further information can be provided).

After updating my system, and then updating all packages, I don't have
hardware rendering anymore for my graphics card (Radeon HD4350). At first
everything is being loaded (and correct resolution of 1920x1200), radeon and
ati modules throw out tons of verbose messages (no warnings nor errors), but
then the base X complains about missing entry points for aiglx in the driver,
and pkgsrc X complains about not having the modules (r600_dri).
No matter whether I activate the radeondrm module in the kernel or not, it
does not work - at least, there's only software rendering and it's terribly
slow (near to unusable).

Before I had 5.99.48 with base X, but had no problems with graphics
performance. Apparently, there was no radeondrm activated in the old kernel,
but unfortunately I don't have more information about the old base system

Regards, Julian

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