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Re: USB3?

In article <>,
Thomas Mueller <> wrote:
>I am now on a new Intel Sandy Bridge system, have a Western Digital 3 TB
>My Book Essential USB 3.0 hard drive, and NetBSD can't see it at all.
>FreeBSD 9.0 (BETA-1) and the newer releases of the System Rescue CD
>(, booting the default Linux 64-bit kernel, can
>read and write this disk.
>NetBSD can read and write most USB sticks including most Kingston Data
>Travelers, but there is one lot of Kingston Data Traveler that gives
>generic HBA error in NetBSD, 32-bit or 64-bit, version 4.0.1,
>5.1_STABLE, and HEAD: a model, Data Traveler 112, now discontinued, made
>specifically for sale through Office Depot. 
>I bought four of these, 2 GB, on sale, and they work with FreeBSD,
>Linux, even FreeDOS (to a limited extent) and OpenIndiana.  Strange!
>I guess it would be rather difficult for NetBSD people to fix this bug,
>since the model in question is discontinued.
>However, FreeDOS and OpenIndiana can't read any part of my hard drive
>(internal or external, both Western Digital 3 TB), seem completely
>helpless with anything > 2 TB or with GPT partitioning scheme.

There are not messages produced by the kernel for those devices?


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