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(Sorry if this is an already-answered question - searching and looking
in sources didn't turn up much.)

What's the state of USB3?  It seems there is a new controller type


  any plans/status for a USB3 controller driver?  It seems FreeBSD got
  this late 2010 but I don't know how well it works.

  Do machines with usb2 and usb3 both tend to have a ehci chip for usb2,
  plus an xhci for some usb3 ports?  (In other words, is NetBSD likely
  to work on the usb2 ports and ignore the usb3 ports?)

  Will our ehci driver work on the xhci chip in usb2 compat mode?

  (@port-{i386/amd64}, but it seems most of the USB scene is of
  beyond-i386 interest):
  Specifically, is this motherboard likely to work

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