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Re: cannot compile packages (2011Q2,current)

On 08/22/11 20:39, Hugo Silva wrote:
> Virgin system, just downloaded pkgsrc:
> => Build dependency gcc3-c>=3.3.5nb1: NOT found
> => Verifying package-install for ../../lang/gcc3-c
> as: not found
> make: "../../lang/gcc3/../../lang/gcc3/Makefile.common" line 80:
> warning: Couldn't read shell's output for "as --version | /usr/bin/awk
> '{                       split($3, v, /[.]/);
>  printf "%02d%02d%02d%02d\n",v[1],v[2],v[3],v[4];        exit;

Nevermind, it's probably the comp set not installed. I'm rebooting the
server now.. weird, I could swear I selected it.

While on the subject, is there an easier way to install a set other than
rebooting the machine, and running the installer?

Running /cdrom/sysinst fails because when installing the set, it
attempts to remount /usr (fails with device busy)



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