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amdtemp module still broken

Even after the recent changes [1][2] to make amdtemp(4) attach to pchb(4) (rather than directly to pci), it still does not work.

There are, as far as I can tell, two separate problems.

1. The current amdtemp.ioconf incorrectly sets pchb as the pseudo-root and attempts to configure "amdtemp* at pchb?". The resulting ioconf.c ends up with no valid configuration data for the device. This one is relatively easy to resolve:

Index: src/sys/modules/amdtemp/amdtemp.ioconf
RCS file: /cvsroot/src/sys/modules/amdtemp/amdtemp.ioconf,v
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -u -p -r1.2 amdtemp.ioconf
--- src/sys/modules/amdtemp/amdtemp.ioconf      18 Aug 2011 20:57:11 -0000     
+++ src/sys/modules/amdtemp/amdtemp.ioconf      20 Aug 2011 00:21:25 -0000
@@ -6,6 +6,6 @@ include "conf/files"
 include "dev/pci/files.pci"
 include "arch/x86/pci/files.pci"

-pseudo-root pchb*
+pseudo-root amdtempbus*

-amdtemp* at pchb?
+amdtemp* at amdtempbus?

2. The more difficult problem is that pchb(4) needs to have a rescan routine. Much of pchbattach() should probably move into pchbrescan(), but I think it would need some modifications to make sure that things don't get doubly attached. (I ran into this same problem when iic(4) grew its own rescan a few weeks ago, as part of modularization of the spdmem(4) and sdtemp(4) drivers.)

I can fix #1, but I'm not at all familiar enough with pcibus and pchb to tackle #2


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