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ld.elf_so broken with separate /usr

Currently, systems with a separate /usr partition will not boot
because no shared libraries can be found. I'm not sure why; however,
it seems to work to do

   mkdir /usr/libexec /usr/lib
   ln -s /libexec/ld.elf_so /usr/libexec/
   ln -s /lib/lib* /usr/lib/

(on the root partition, under your /usr mount point) as a workaround.


If you get stuck this can be done by boot -as and using /rescue/init
and /rescue/sh.

I'm also seeing an unrelated problem where install=/ fails
because /var/chroot/tcpdump/etc/protocols isn't present in the
destdir. I'm not sure why this gets past the set list checks, but it

David A. Holland

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