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Re: bind 9.7.3 + 9.8rc1 resolvers quit answering queries

In article <>,
Niels Dettenbach  <> wrote:
>Am Donnerstag 31 März 2011, 10:28:13 schrieben Sie:
>> Both of the bind versions just stops answering queries after a while. bind
>> 9.8rc1 seems to do a better job in not stopping to respond the clients
>> queries. pkgsrc/bind97 (from current) does only work for an hour or two,
>> then it stop responding queries.
>Did you configured / have any further bind log / debug output? This might be 
>much more helpful...
>I had "similiar" effects when working with wrong limits and i had to 
>reconfigure named in several cases after upgrades as some default options was 
>changed. To say anything more it would be nice to make some detailed logs 
>about the effect you get faced.
>Did you followed/read:
>Another point - it usually is not a very good idea to use release candidates 
>of a software like BIND for very productional systems - especially as long as 
>you did not require new features / functionality from them.

Can you attach to the bind process with ktrae and see where it is stuck.
Or attach to it with the debugger and print a backtrace?


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