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Re: Broken X (DRM errors)

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 10:05 PM, Julio Merino <> 
> Hello,
> Since I upgraded yesterday to a freshly-built -current, I can't get X
> to run any more.  This is on a MacBook Pro with an ATI Radeon Mobility
> X1600.
> As soon as I start the X server up, the screen goes off and the
> machine gets extremely sluggish.  I can still access it through the
> network, but killing the X server has no effect.  Other "unrelated"
> processes, like sshd and tmux, can be seen chewing incredible amounts
> of CPU (presumably due to a loop in the kernel; see below).
> The dmesg right before the lock up shows:
> Mar 29 21:43:08 desky /netbsd: info: [drm] Setting GART location based
> on new memory map
> Mar 29 21:43:08 desky /netbsd: info: [drm] Loading R520 Microcode
> Mar 29 21:43:08 desky /netbsd: info: [drm] Num pipes: 1
> Mar 29 21:43:08 desky /netbsd: info: [drm] writeback test failed
> Mar 29 21:43:08 desky /netbsd: radeondrm0: interrupting at ioapic0 pin 16
> Mar 29 21:43:09 desky /netbsd: info: [drm] wait idle failed status :
> 0x90010140 0x00050000
> Mar 29 21:43:53 desky syslogd[219]: last message repeated 63 times
> Any ideas as to what change broke this?

It turns out this is caused by the change to ld.elf_so on March 29th.
Reverting that change and reinstalling ld.elf_so lets X start fine.

Julio Merino / @jmmv

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