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Re: rump is complete

On 21.03.11 16:45, Antti Kantee wrote:
> Hi,
> I have accomplished everything I want to with rump and plan to declare it
> stable in NetBSD 6.  This implies adding new interfaces will slow down,
> and changing old old ones will require backward compat.
> If you are interested in the unique possibilities offered by rump,
> now is a good time to check your use cases work as expected.
>   - antti
> For what rump is, does, and how to use it, see the usual place:

Great work!

That sounds like we can have something like Jails (FreeBSD) or
Zones (Solaris).

Are the manpages also complete?  (me reading pud(4))

I'm also interested in how to use qcow images
to run qemu / xen guests.


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