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Re: vax build breaks in libc/gdtoa

On 20 Mar 2011, at 22:07 , Dennis Ferguson wrote:

> I do a very occasional vax build.  I got lucky this time caught this:
> #   compile  libc/dtoa.ln
> [...]
> /usr/NetBSD/src/lib/libc/gdtoa/dtoa.c(715): jjj1 undefined [99]

For what it is worth, if this one is fixed (it's a typo) it then stops

#   compile  libc/gdtoa.ln
/usr/NetBSD/src/lib/libc/gdtoa/gdtoa.c(68): warning: conversion from 'long' to 
'int' may lose accuracy [132]
/usr/NetBSD/src/lib/libc/gdtoa/gdtoa.c(295): Emin undefined [99]

Fixing this one will require actually knowing something about the vax
floating point format.

Dennis Ferguson

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