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Re: calling setlocale (Re: Build break - commaizenumber)

On Mar 15,  8:11pm, (Eric Haszlakiewicz) wrote:
-- Subject: calling setlocale (Re: Build break - commaizenumber)

| > to call setlocale(LC_ALL, ""); before calling printf.
| I guess I'm a bit confused at to what that means.  The man page says that
| "denotes native environment", but it doens't explain how that's different
| from the "C" locale, which it says is the standard locale for c programs.
| Or, does that mean that calling setlocale with "" causes it to look up the
| actual environment variables and set the locale based on that?  (which doesn't
| sound exactly like the "native" environment, it's the settings that the
| current user overrode the defaults with.)

Some (popular) OS's don't initialize the locale structures unless setlocale()
is called. I don't think that NetBSD needs this.


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