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Re: usb and no bus_dma(9)

> > The point is "usb* at slhci?" is usb but it doesn't use DMA,
> > unlike uhci/ohci/ehci.
> That seems like a rather poor reason for causing all usb devices to know about
> slhci or the architecture it runs on then.

What causes all usb devices to know about slhci?
Which lines in the patch are actually unacceptable for you?

N[EOU]HCI are defined in [eou]hci.h generated by config(1),
#if N[EOU]HCI conditional is only required in usb_mem.c,
and only USB host drivers call usb_allocmem() etc. in usb_mem.c
if neccesary.

Anyway, it doesn't look slhci.c requires functions in usb_mem.c
at all so it might be better to add usb_dma attribute
for [eou]hci that require usb_mem.c, as Manuel suggested.

Probably it might also be required to refactor
usb_dma_block_t to allow USB hosts without DMA,
but I'd like to suggest a simple and acceptable compromise,
rather than paranoiac and unreachable perfect goals.
Izumi Tsutsui

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