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Re: Build break - port amd64 - more quota2 related?

On Sun, 6 Mar 2011, Paul Goyette wrote:

Sources updated as of 2011-03-06 22:50:01 UTC

#      link  clients/rump_quota
/test-bed/tools/bin/x86_64--netbsd-gcc -B/test-bed/dst/usr/lib/ -B/test-bed/dst/usr/lib/ -Wl,-nostdlib -Wl,--fatal-warnings -o rump_quota quota.o printquota.o getvfsquota.o quota_rumpops.o quota2_prop.o quota2_subr.o quota1_subr.o -lrpcsvc -lprop -lrumpclient -L/test-bed/dst/usr/lib -Wl,-rpath-link,/test-bed/dst/lib -L/test-bed/dst/lib -Wl,-rpath-link,/test-bed/dst/usr/lib -L/test-bed/dst/usr/lib
quota.o: In function `main':
quota.c:(.text+0xd9b): undefined reference to `alldigits'
quota.c:(.text+0xe39): undefined reference to `alldigits'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

*** Failed target:  rump_quota

Just FYI, I got everything to build a couple of hours ago, before
Christos started going through the code to dedup, etcc.

Hisashi T Fujinaka -
BSEE(6/86) + BSChem(3/95) + BAEnglish(8/95) + MSCS(8/03) + $2.50 = latte

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