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Slightly confused about -current.

Good Day;

I am presently trying to build KDE4 from pkgsrc and have experienced a few problems. I know that due to the dynamic nature of the source code in -current, a successful build is likely but not certain. I was using pkgsrc.tar.bz2 dated Feb 26 and have now downloaded pkgsrc-tar-bz2 dated Mar 4. I was having problems with KDEBASE4 with an error when building /usr/pksrc/multimedia/xine-lib (missing shm.h?). With the current source the build appears to have moved past that point and is continuing. I used make in /usr/pkgsrc/KDELIBS4 and it has not stopped yet. What is the appropriate way to let the developers know I experienced a build failure and how I resolved it. Or, do I save bandwidth and just push on through? I have not read all of the html docs in the new pksrc-readmes.tar.bz2 but, I'm working on it.
Also, how often does one get the present (current) src and pkgsrc tarballs?
Is it more efficient to CVS it all?

Thank You,

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