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HEADS UP: Postfix 2.8.1 imported


I've imported Postfix 2.8.1 into NetBSD-current today. It builds and works
fine under NetBSD/i386. Please submit a bug report if you find any problems.

Here is a list of the major changes since version 2.7.*:

  Postfix stable release 2.8.0 is available. This release continues the
  move towards improving code and documentation, and making the system
  better prepared for changes in the threat environment.

  The postscreen daemon (a zombie blocker in front of Postfix) is now
  included with the stable release. postscreen now supports TLS and can
  log the rejected sender, recipient and helo information. See the
  POSTSCREEN_README file for recommended usage scenarios.

  Support for DNS whitelisting (permit_rhswl_client), and for pattern
  matching to filter the responses from DNS white/blacklist servers
  (e.g., reject_rhsbl_client[1..10]).

  Improved message tracking across SMTP-based content filters; the
  after-filter SMTP server can log the before-filter queue ID (the
  XCLIENT protocol was extended).

  Support for 'footers' that are appended to SMTP server "reject"
  responses. See "smtpd_reject_footer" in the postconf(5) manpage.

        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                        

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