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Re: Howto compile Xorg from source

On Wed, 02 Mar 2011 05:40 -0600, "Michael D. Norwick"
<> wrote:
> I downloaded xsrc.tar.gz from NetBSD-current last night.  I am using a
> freshly built -amd64 kernel, tools, and userland built from the like
> dated src.tar.gz.  The build fails with the following;
> [...] /etc/mk.conf contains;
> X11_TYPE=modular

This might not be relevant to your build failure, but if you're
installing X from xsrc you don't want X11_TYPE=modular; that indicates
that you want to use the X from pkgsrc.  X11_TYPE=native (or just
leaving that line out) indicates that you want to use the X from xsrc,
which seems to be your case.

Ian Leroux

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