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Re: Unable to build tools for amd64 -current

On 11/22/10 5:57 PM, Louis Guillaume wrote:
On 11/22/10 5:07 PM, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 02:33:43PM -0500, Louis Guillaume wrote:
I just recently (a few days ago) set up a new machine for building
amd64 -current. It's running a XEN3_DOMU kernel from the 20101117
snapshot. I retrieved a fresh checkout of "src" (no tags). If I try

Just update /bin/sh first, e.g.
cd /usr/src/bin/sh
make USETOOLS=never
make USETOOLS=never install

...and afterwards you should have a working system to do the rest from.


Thanks, Joerg. This fails (see below.) But I think I'll grab the
snapshot from 11/21 and see what happens...

Ok - reinstalling from a later snapshot took care of this. I suspect that "postinstall ... fix obsolete" (perhaps run in haste after etcupdate) from netbsd-5 to -current may have deleted a few files that it shouldn't have. Otherwise that older snapshot probably has problems.

Thanks again,


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