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Re: Problems

On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 3:07 PM, Donald Allen 
<> wrote:
> I am attempting to install the 5.1 release on an old Thinkpad 600x,
> using boot.iso. When I booted from the CD, I happened to have a 3com
> (Atheros-based) wireless card in a pcmcia slot, hoping to use it for a
> network install. As the install kernel was booting:
> ath0 at cardburst function0
> uvm_fault(0xc0b82a00,0,1)->0xe
> uvm_fault(0xc0b82a00,0,1)->0xe
> fatal page fault in supervisor mode
> If I remove the card, the install kernel boots. If I insert the card
> while it is running, I get the same crash.

I downloaded the full (i386) iso image with all the sets and installed
it. I get the same crash (probably not surprising) when I insert the
wireless card. So can't use 5.1 on this machine, at least with
wireless stuff I have. That same card works fine with amd64 5.1 RC4 on
a Thinkpad X61.


> On
> if I click 'Torrent', I get 550 pub/NetBSD/torrent: permission denied.
> /Don Allen

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