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Re: MODULAR option and advertised semaphore support

        Hello.   Perhaps there's no mechanism at this time, but it sounds like
we need a file that lives somewhere that describes attributes for modules.
Attributes like whether the thing should autoload if a syscall to it is
made or if a sysctl variable is looked up for it.
I'm thinking this could be a global file which lists all modules, or, at
least lists defaults with the ability to change the rules for certain
modules, or, perhaps, a file that lives in the same directory as the module
itself with a different extension that contains the loading rules for that
extension.  Then, for modules that don't have that side file, there are a
default set of loading rules.
On Nov 5,  6:05pm, Nicolas Joly wrote:
} Subject: Re: MODULAR option and advertised semaphore support
} On Fri, Nov 05, 2010 at 05:02:09PM +0100, Matthias Drochner wrote:
} > 
} > said:
} > > the whole idea has been to make syscalls load the corresponding
} > > module.
} > 
} > Yes, the specific syscall can load its module. (I'd still like to have
} > some more control which modules are eligible -- I certainly don't
} > want binary emulations loaded automatically.)
} > If I understand it correctly, with Nicolas' proposal an innocent
} > "sysctl -a" would load the semaphore module. I don't have a better
} > idea yet, but this approach doesn't scale -- if done for more
} > modules all of them would be loaded with this single "sysctl"
} > invocation.
} Right :(
} I'm not a sysctl expert, but does making them hidden (CTLFLAG_HIDDEN)
} should help ? The way i understand it, only explicit calls would
} triggers module loading ...
} -- 
} Nicolas Joly
} Biological Software and Databanks.
} Institut Pasteur, Paris.
>-- End of excerpt from Nicolas Joly

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