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Re: How is savecore meant to work? Is it possible ?

    Date:        Tue, 2 Nov 2010 14:43:07 +0000
    From:        Andrew Doran <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | What do you get for: ident `which savecore`

jade$ ident `which savecore`
     $NetBSD: crt0.c,v 1.17 2007/12/01 10:16:06 yamt Exp $
     $NetBSD: savecore.c,v 2009/11/28 16:02:17 bouyer Exp $
     $NetBSD: zopen.c,v 1.2 2005/06/27 01:00:06 christos Exp $

And ... said:
  | I have found that both OpenOffice and qemu can freeze up my X session on a
  | recent-ish -current.

Thanks Brett, I didn't really think that the X problem was related, it
was just too long before the system actually crashed (only way I could
think of was if something ended up deadlocked because of it).   Now that
you remind me, I had seen the messages about xkbcomp - if it happens
again (perhaps unlikely, I run openoffice about twice a year... - and
qemu even less often) I'll check for that one.    It was because I didn't
consider this likely to be relevant that I only mentioned it in the "you
don't really need to read this" section...


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