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Re: checkflist fails for amd64

On Sun, 31 Oct 2010, Marc Balmer wrote:

Am 31.10.10 13:52, schrieb Martin Husemann:
On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 01:48:51PM +0100, Marc Balmer wrote:
So does amd64 install libraries under /usr/lib/i386 that i386 just puts
in /usr/lib ?

amd64 and sparc64 generate both 64 bit libraries and 32 bit libraries,
since they can run 32bit apps as well.

ah I see.  Then sparc64 will have the same problem.

So what goes to /usr/lib in the i386 case goes to /usr/lib/i386 and
/usr/lib/amd64 as well, right?

The two locations would be /usr/lib/i386 and /usr/lib

There is no /usr/lib/amd64

{146} ls dest/amd64/usr/lib/*lua*
dest/amd64/usr/lib/liblua.a             dest/amd64/usr/lib/
dest/amd64/usr/lib/            dest/amd64/usr/lib/liblua_p.a
dest/amd64/usr/lib/          dest/amd64/usr/lib/liblua_pic.a

{147} ls dest/amd64/usr/lib/i386/*lua*
dest/amd64/usr/lib/i386/liblua.a dest/amd64/usr/lib/i386/ dest/amd64/usr/lib/i386/ dest/amd64/usr/lib/i386/liblua_p.a dest/amd64/usr/lib/i386/ dest/amd64/usr/lib/i386/liblua_pic.a
{148} ls dest/amd64/usr/lib/amd64/*lua*
ls: No match.



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