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Re: nbmakefs 2G limit?

In article <201010212331.o9LNVw8o001610%ginseng.xisop@localhost>,
Matthew Mondor  <> wrote:
>On Thu, 21 Oct 2010 16:02:19 -0400
>Greg Troxel <> wrote:
>> Therefore I think that nbmakefs, at least running on i386, has some
>> lossage when getting over 2G.  Has anyone else seen this, or know how to
>> fix?
>I didn't look very long, but it seems to me that using fseek(3) to seek
>instead of fseeko(3) (or lseek(2) and avoiding stdio) in
>src/usr.sbin/makefs/cd9660/cd9660_write.c might be the cause (on i386,
>the offset would then be a signed 32-bit value (long int) which would
>indeed have a limit around 2GB...

Well, I made a few simple changes to use fseeko... Maybe it needs more
loving, but it could work.


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