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Anyone having success with DELL Vostro 3500?

I'm hunting for a new "server laptop" where the primary requirements are 
multiple hard disks, fast CPU and memory (the machine will just run Xen with 
lots of DOMUs). I therefore don't care much about audio, graphics or basically 
anything except that

* ethernet absolutely must work
* must be able to add a second internal hard disk
* must be able to add an external hard disk via eSATA (for a total of 3 disks)

I've been looking at ThinkPads (I've had several in the past, but right now 
they're several hundred Euros more expensive than the others), HP ProBooks (but 
Google seems to indicate that HP tends to use Marvell Yukon chips that our msk 
driver doesn't support yet (I don't know more than that). And then there's the 
DELLs, where I currently see really competitive offers.

However, Google turns up absolutely nothing about any NetBSD successes with 
recent DELL Vostros. I've never had a DELL laptop before, but the few desktops 
I've used had either Intel or Realtek NICs that worked ok. But of course it 
would be much better to have a first hand account from someone actually having 
successfully installed NetBSD on a Vostro 3500. Of course a negative account 
would also be very important.

Anyone out there with some information to share?



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