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The 4.5.2 kdelibs unconditionally tries to call 
pthread_mutexattr_setpshared(), which appears to be in the posix standard 
but we don't appear to have one so whats the equivalent?

Actually its possible that we never get into the bit of code that tries to 
call this as we also hit:

// Mac OS X, for all its POSIX compliance, does not support timeouts on its 
mutexes, which
// is kind of a disaster for cross-process support. So, disable support for 
shared memory
// and add a wrapper implementation.
#if !defined(_POSIX_TIMEOUTS) || !defined(_POSIX_THREADS) || 
(_POSIX_TIMEOUTS < 200112L) || (_POSIX_THREADS < 200112L)


#ifdef __GNUC__
#warning "No support for POSIX timeouts and POSIX threads -- shared memory 
will be ignored"



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