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Re: Strange system behavior

On Sat, 25 Sep 2010, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

Since Monday, I have now replaced the entire system, excepting only
the physical case and fans!  Yes, new power supply, new motherboard,
new RAM, and new CPU.  I even replaced the hard drive and
reinstalled NetBSD!  And the darned system STILL fails, in exactly
the same manner.

Is the CPU and motherboard of the same brand as the previous one ?

Yes.  AMD Phenom-II X6 CPU (model 1090T @ 3.2GHz) and ASUS motherboard.


I have two other systems with the same CPU and similar ASUS mobo. One of these other systems is my primary build-server. The motherboards differ only in detail features:

        #1 - M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3
        #2 - M4A88TD-M
        #3 - M4A88T-M

#1 is my main build server, and although it does occassionally run into an unexpected segmentation fault, it has never been repeatable, and it has never been consistent routinely run " -j12" on this machine.

#2 is my primary workhorse machine (mail server, etc.), and has a slightly slower CPU - Phenom-II X6 1065T @ 2.8HGz, and has never shown any oddness.

#3 is the dedicated build-and-testbed that I'm trying to get set up. (The intent is to repeatedly build and atf-test on a more-or-less continuous basis.) #3 is where I'm having such great difficulty.

Two of my other machines have Intel CPUs and neither has shown any tendency to seg-fault:

        #4 - Core2 Quad on XFX nForce 790i Ultra motherboard
        #5 - Core i7    on ASUS P6T

My final machine has a SuperMicro H8QG6i-F motherboard, with only one of the four CPU sockets populated (with a AMD opteron 6172 12-core running at 2.1GHz). It has various problems, at least some due to BIOS issues (the BIOS reports, via acpi, 3 ioapic's even though there are only two, etc...).

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