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Running ATF fails with weird message


I'm trying to run ATF under NetBSD-current as described here:

I'm therefore using the following commands:

        cd /usr/tests
        atf-run | atf-report

The tests run fine for a while and finally fail:


tf/atf-c/env_test (6/246): 5 test cases
    get: Passed.
    has: Passed.
    include: Passed.
    set: Passed.
    unset: Passed.

atf/atf-c/error_test (7/246): 12 test cases
    error_new: Passed.
    error_new_wo_memory: Passed.
    format: Passed.
    include: Passed.
    include_fwd: Passed.
    is_error: Passed.
    libc_format: Passed.
    libc_new: Passed.
    no_error: Passed.
    no_memory_format: Passed.
    no_memory_new: Passed.
    no_memory_twice: Passed.

atf/atf-c/fs_test (8/246): 25 test cases
    eaccess: atf-report: ERROR: 374: Unexpected token `info'; expected end of 
test case
atf-report: or test case's stdout/stderr line

BTW: I'm not running them as "root" in case that matters.

        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                        

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