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Re: Linux's timerfd API

Not being familiar with the timerfd interface except for the description you cited I wonder how timerfd is related to the kqueue EVFILT_TIMER concept and whether that could be used to build/replace the timefd abstraction. Maybe another EVFILT_TIMER variant needs to be created
in the kqueue framework.


On 09/24/10 02:38, John Nemeth wrote:
      Is anybody famailiar with Linux's timerfd API (see ).
I was wondering if people think this is a good idea and/or what it
would take to implement it in NetBSD.

      The reason why I'm interested in it is that newer versions
Asterisk can use it to provide timing for mixing streams for a
conference bridge.  Currently, there is no way to do any sort
conferencing using Asterisk on NetBSD.

      The other way that Asterisk does timing is to use a timer device
that is part of DAHDI (Asterisk's hardware driver).  You can use
external boxes that use SIP to communicate with Asterisk in order to
connect physical phone lines, so the lack of DAHDI support in NetBSD
isn't a show-stopper.  But, the lack of conferencing support is a
fairly major limitation.  Adding DAHDI support to NetBSD is still on my
project list, but this API could make a nice addition in the meantime.

      For those that don't know, Asterisk is an open source VOIP PBX.

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