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Re: NetBSD 5.1 RC3 in production

        Hello.  Well, I'm not sure where the problem is, but, yes, my kernel
is /netbsd, and savecore says it can't find the namelist if I don't use -N
/netbsd explicitly.  Putting that in the /etc/rc.conf file as
savecore_flags ought to work as well.  And, yes, I'm with you, there should
be no difference between the defaults and-N /netbsd, but that's been my
experience, and I've not investigated far enough to find out why  they're
different.  Just giving youa heads up.

On Sep 20, 12:49pm, Robert Elz wrote:
} Subject: Re: NetBSD 5.1 RC3 in production
}     Date:        Sun, 19 Sep 2010 22:23:53 -0700
}     From: (Brian Buhrow)
}     Message-ID:  <>
}   |   Hello.  If you're using raid1,
} Yes, Greg Oster indicated that as well.   Thanks.
} It is OK now (I think), I found a bunch of empty space at the end of the
} most recently added (replaced) drive - when replacing drives in raid setups
} you're almost always going to have left over space at the end, as it
} is almost impossible to buy a drive today as small as the biggest you
} could buy last year...
} Anyway, I now have dumps configured on a wdNx type partition, and we'll
} see what happens next time I get a crash (but that may be days, weeks,
} or even months, away).
}   | Then, when you run savecore, I've found you
}   | have to run with the -N flag explicitly to get it to pull the core file 
}   | of the swap partition after the fact.
} What arg are you giving to -N ??
} This doesn't make a lot of sense to me, -N just sets the kernel, if
} your kernel is /netbsd I can't say that saying "-N /netbsd" should
} change a thing.  Is that what you're doing?   On the other hand, if
} your kernel is not /netbsd then of course -N is going to be be needed,
} though you should be able to set it in savecore_flags in rc.conf and
} have it happen during the boot time run or rc.d/savecore
} kre
>-- End of excerpt from Robert Elz

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