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Using kmod based modules in NetBSD-5 and later -- any documentation?

        Hello.  This past weekend, I tried to load the drm.kmod file on a
5.0_STABLE machine I was setting up.  Not only was I unsuccessful, but I
couldn't seem to find any documentation on how to answer the following
questions.  Am I being a dolt and missing something obvious or is there
really no documentation of this aspect of using NetBSD-5 and above?
        I did read the documentation in the boot.cfg(5) manual, but see below
for more questions.
Any light anyone can shed on this would be greatly appreciated.


1.  Is there a way to load kmod modules when a system is up and running?
I'm familiar with modload and modunload, but it's unclear from the manual
pages to me whether these commands work on .kmod files.

2.  When I use the load module command from the boot prompt, I get
absolutely no feedback as to whether it worked.  Is there a way to  tell if
a module loaded but failed to attach, or that a module failed to load?

3.  How can I see a list of currently loaded modules?  Does modstat show
modules which are loaded regardless of whether they're traditional .o files
or the newer .kmod files?


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