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estd and P-States

Hi all:

I've been searching information about Enhanced Speed Step and P-States. I 
currently use 'estd' to control the cpu frequency, using '-s' option (smooth). 
I would launch 'estd' with '-b' option when the laptop is running on battery, 
but I'm not sure if this is supported. Why? well, I can't find any 'sysctl 
machdep' related to P-States.

In '/etc/powerd/scripts/acadapter' I've seen this piece of code:

        # Enable power saving mode for speedstep CPUs
        /sbin/sysctl -w machdep.speedstep_state=0 >/dev/null 2>&1

But in my laptop there's no such 'machdep.speedstep_state'.

My laptop runs 5.99.39 i386 with 'options ENHANCED_SPEEDSTEP' in the

Is there any information about how to configure the C2 state when on battery in 
NetBSD 5.99?

Thanks in advance,


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