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msk dhcpcd tcpdump problem

On NetBSD-5.99.37/i386, start with msk0 down on a 100 MBit link.

        dhcpcd msk0

gets brings up the interface and grabs a IP4 address. All OK.

        tcpdump -ni msk0

somehow causes dhcpcd to remove the IP4 address (so ifconfig shows no inet
line, and status is "no network"), and tcpdump shows a new dhcp request.

How are dhcpcd and tcpdump related?

I noticed this simply because while trying to debug nfs, I did a

        tcpdump -l -s0 -vvX -i msk0

and repeatedly got

        tcpdump: WARNING: msk0: no IPv4 address assigned

which obviously meant that the nfs mount couldn't work either...

No such trouble using dhclient instead...



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