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daily CVS update output

Updating src tree:
P src/external/mit/xorg/lib/freetype/Makefile
P src/share/man/man4/options.4
P src/sys/arch/amd64/include/pte.h
P src/sys/arch/hpcsh/dev/psh3tp.c
P src/sys/arch/ia64/acpi/acpi_machdep.c
P src/sys/arch/ia64/include/Makefile
P src/sys/arch/ia64/include/acpi_func.h
cvs update: src/sys/arch/ia64/include/acpica_machdep.h is no longer in the 
P src/sys/arch/ia64/include/cpufunc.h
P src/sys/arch/x68k/dev/slhci_intio.c
P src/sys/arch/x86/include/acpi_machdep.h
P src/sys/arch/x86/include/specialreg.h
P src/sys/dev/acpi/acpi_cpu.c
P src/sys/dev/acpi/acpi_cpu_cstate.c
P src/sys/dev/acpi/acpica/README
P src/sys/dev/acpi/acpica/acpi_func.h
P src/sys/dev/pci/jmide_reg.h

Updating xsrc tree:

Killing core files:

Running the SUP scanner:
SUP Scan for current starting at Sun Jul 25 03:09:06 2010
SUP Scan for current completed at Sun Jul 25 03:11:29 2010
SUP Scan for mirror starting at Sun Jul 25 03:11:29 2010
SUP Scan for mirror completed at Sun Jul 25 03:26:26 2010

Updating file list:
-rw-rw-r--  1 srcmastr  netbsd  39586050 Jul 25 03:44 ls-lRA.gz

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