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Re: compile librump/compat.o failed on amd64

On 24.07.2010 18:53, Antti Kantee wrote:
> An #include <machine/pte.h> in cpu.h can have quite a few side
> effects.  But of course the rule is to do a _full_ build every time
> you touch a header, since anything can be affected ...
> That aside, I've been thinking of disabling rump in the compat
> build.  It doesn't seem particularly useful since none of the driver
> components (fs,net,dev,kern) get a compat build.  Either that or
> add the drivers to the compat build too.  I'm not sure if the amd64
> compat32 ABI is even the same as the i386 kernel ABI, i.e. could
> you use i386 kernel modules on amd64 that way.  Comments?

FWIW, I can remove the pte.h include in cpu.h, it is only there for

pd_entry_t *    ci_pae_l3_pdir;

I can set it to uint64_t *, and get the header out.

Concerning the ABI, well, I would not say much about it. Even for native
i386, it is kind of unstable... and might even change in the future.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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