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Re: ''

Tom Spindler wrote:

On Wed, 7 Jul 2010, Martin Husemann wrote:

I think Thor just fixed it, thanks!

Indeed he did. Yay Thor.

Maybe for a little bit, but then something else happened.  In the
midst of a pserver-facilitated update, I saw:

  update aborted:  No such tag: pkgsrc-2010Q2

Or something like that, it's since scrolled off the terminal and out of
the buffer.  On subsequent attempts, I'd get:

  update aborted: End of file from server.

So, it looks like :pserver: service is disabled for now.

I've been trying to use the SSH option, but I keep getting oscillating
sets of files marked as conflicting.  If I delete the first set, they
get pulled back in, but a different set is marked as conflicting.  When
I delete the second set, the first set show up as conflicting again.
The first set is usually very large and the second is relatively small.
Best I can see the first set is not exactly identical.

I've seen this on src (HEAD) and pkgsrc (pkgsrc-2010Q2).  xsrc did it
at first but after the first round had no conflicts on the update that
pulled the prior conflicts back in.


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