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HEADS-UP for ataraid(4) and Intel MatrixRAID users


  This Monday (July 5th), I'm going to commit several changes to ataraid driver.

  An important part of the changes was provided by Juan RP in response
to PR 38273.(
The other part is mainly for Intel MatrixRAID support of the driver.
Please refer to the related thread in tech-kern@ started on May 14th
for details.

  Unfortunately this change will break compatibility with existing
filesystems made by NetBSD on RAID-0 Intel MatrixRAID volumes.  

  If you have RAID-0 volumes on Intel MatrixRAID, you need to do:

   1 backup the filesystems on RAID-0 volumes.
   2 update the kernel
   3 newfs the filesystems
   4 restore the filesystems

  Sorry for the inconvenience, but this change is necessary to access
filesystems made by other OSes than NetBSD.

  You don't need to worry about this if you are using the other
ataraid(4) flavors than Intel MatrixRAID, or you are using RAID-1


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