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Re: Increase size of dmesg buffer?

        Hello.  Are you looking for 
options MSGBUFSIZE, documented in the options(4) man page? I see:

     options MSGBUFSIZE=integer
     This option sets the size of the kernel message buffer.  This buffer
     holds the kernel output of printf() when not (yet) read by syslogd(8).
     This is particularly useful when the system has crashed and you wish
     lookup the kernel output from just before the crash.  Also, since the
     autoconfig output becomes more and more verbose, it sometimes happens
     that the message buffer overflows before syslogd(8) was able to read
     Note that not all systems are capable of obtaining a variable sized
     sage buffer.  There are also some systems on which memory contents are
     not preserved across reboots.

This was from a 5.0 man page, but I've used it for many years.  Is it gone
in -current?
On Jun 27,  7:03pm, Paul Goyette wrote:
} Subject: Increase size of dmesg buffer?
} I'm trying to debug some acpi stuff on a fairly large system, and the 
} default 32KB of "NVRAM" dmesg space does't seem to be enough - some of 
} the important early stuff gets rolled-over before I can capture it.
} So, it there some undocumented option that can be used to increase the 
} allocated space?  Is there any limitation on how much space can be used?
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