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tmpfs sizing problems (i386, 4GB mem)

On a machine running 5.99.31, I'm having a problem with my tmpfs /tmp. I have it configured to be 600m in size, but it's only about 200m. After trying to figure out if it was an argument parsing issue, I have verified that if I just call "mount_tmpfs tmpfs /mnt" I get the following (df -k output)

tmpfs            209068          4     209064   0% /mnt

So, 209068 kb filesystem. This is the same as I was getting with "mount_tmpfs -s600m tmpfs /mnt". I am guessing that this may be some issue of running code of a 32-bit architecture (i386) on a machine with 4GB of memory. I don't see anything in boot(8) or boot.cfg(5) man pages to limit the amount of memory the kernel sees as being there, which would let me test this, but.

I was running 5.99.29 earlier, and didn't *notice* this problem, but I'm not 100% sure I didn't have it. I only know that I was able to run to completion, and am running out of space in /tmp now, but there are a few bits of randomness and timing that may affect that.

  Thanks.  If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.

                           - Chris

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