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Kernel panic in 5.99.30


I'm working on pkgsrc/wip/erlang and when I activate the HiPE option I
always get a kernel panic during the configure phase

checking for IP version 6 support... yes
checking for multicast support... yes
checking how to correct for time adjustments... none
checking if gethrvtime works and how to use it... not working
checking if clock_gettime can be used to get process CPU time... no
checking for m4... m4
checking for unreliable floating point execptions...

This host is NetBSD/i386 5.99.30 running kernel (and modules) built
using today's sources (tree updated about 30 minutes ago).

The test which triggers the panic can be found in erts/
( This code is only
used when


is defined in /etc/mk.conf. You can update your pkgsrc-wip and try this
your self...


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