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Re: "pf" drops all IPv6 fragments

Brian Selecki wrote:

>On 5/27/2010 12:38 PM, Michael Graff wrote:
>>       Currently, only IPv4 fragments are supported and IPv6 fragments are
>>       blocked unconditionally.

>   I never understood this comment;  isn't the idea to avoid
>   fragmentation in v6  by requiring PMTU Disc. in the RFC?

PMTUD is nice and shiny, but won't help to get rid of fragmentation for
non-TCP protocols.

TCP can adapt its segment size to the PMTU discovered.  UDP, for example, 
can not - and you'll see large UDP packets in DNS responses (for example),
if you start using DNSSEC and/or have large numbers of "normal" records.

>   End units can still fragment, I suppose; but its suboptimal.

It's unavoidable in the generic case.

>   Are network admins excessively blocking v6 ICMP?

Not generally, but this isn't going to help non-TCP (and maybe SCTP) 


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