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Re: cron is now using some mystery timezone for me.

On Mon, 17 May 2010 12:38:16 -0700, Scott Ellis said:
> Hisashi T Fujinaka said:
> > My daily script, which should run at 3:15 PDT, is now running at
> > 10:15PDT, which is 1815GMT, I think.
> Whew, I thought it was just me seeing this!  I couldn't understand why I
> was getting emails about my daily jobs in the middle of the afternoon!

  This is still the case for me on my -current machine.  I'm reinstalling from 
last night's -current now.

  In my case, my machine's /etc/localtime is to US/Eastern, and the time is 
accurate.  At then end of the system boot process, I see:

Starting inetd.
Starting cron.
Sat May 15 14:48:53 EDT 2010

NetBSD/i386 ( (console)


  But, I'm still getting my /etc/daily and such output at 4 hours after the 
time in crontab.  Noting the original email message about running in PDT (GMT 
-0700) running at +7 hours, there's clearly a relationship there.  (I'm in EDT, 

  I saw some changes to cron come by recently.  Has this been fixed?  After I 
finish loading from last-nights sources, I'll set up some cron jobs and see if 
I can evoke it again.

                           - Chris

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