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NetBSD/vax netbsd-5 release build failure


VAX netbsd-5 release build failure:

--- miniroot.fs ---
[ "work.built" = work.built -a -f miniroot.fs -a ! miniroot.fs -ot work.built ] 
 || {  echo '#  ' " create " miniroot/miniroot.fs;  rm -f miniroot.fs 
miniroot.fs.tmp;  /local/jakllsch/nb5/work-vax/tooldir/bin/nbmakefs -t ffs -B 
le -s 7m -F work.spec  -N /local/jakllsch/nb5/src/etc -o bsize=4096,fsize=512  
-o optimization=space,minfree=0  -o density=4k miniroot.fs.tmp work  && mv -f 
miniroot.fs.tmp miniroot.fs;  }
#    create  miniroot/miniroot.fs
nbmakefs: `work' size of 7344128 is larger than the maxsize of 7340032.
*** [miniroot.fs] Error code 1

(Will the bloat ever stop?)

Build host is NetBSD/alpha 5.99.27, w/ -O2 -mcpu=21264a passed
to the host compiler, if that makes a difference.

        Jonathan Kollasch

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