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Re: lint doesn't like lib/libc/string/swab.c

    Date:        Sat, 17 Apr 2010 22:01:01 -0400
    From:        Matthew Mondor <>
    Message-ID:  <201004180201.o3I211Hi009412%ginseng.xisop@localhost>

  | I suspect that
  | the code needs a cast or a slight modification since, like using an
  | extra size_t variable for use after the function prologue...

No, just back out the size_t -> ssize_t change - if it doesn't make sense,
don't do it - simply blindly following standards, just because they exist,
is insane - that way the standards never get corrected to be sane, as (as
is their purpose) they're just specifying what "everybody" does and agrees
to - if we disagree, we have a duty to disagree completely, not just with
some "this isn't right but it is what POSIX expects" side noise...


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