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Re: dtrace: amd64 toolchain build failure on OSX - libgcc

On 20.03.10 12:45, Christoph Egger wrote:
> Hi!
> When compiling an amd64 toolchain with MKDTRACE=yes
> then I get this build failure:
> --- dependall-libgcc_eh
> ---ERROR: nbctfconvert: gthr-gnat.po: Cannot read .symtab: Invalid
> section descriptor
> Removing gthr-gnat.po
> *** [gthr-gnat.po] Error code 1
> 1 error
> nbmake: stopped in gnu/lib/libgcc4/libgcc_eh

The nbctfconvert error message comes from

        if ((scn = elf_getscn(elf, symtabidx)) == NULL ||
            gelf_getshdr(scn, &si->si_shdr) == NULL ||
            (si->si_symd = elf_getdata(scn, NULL)) == NULL)
                elfterminate(file, "Cannot read .symtab");

It is the  (si->si_symd = elf_getdata(scn, NULL)) == NULL) check
becoming true.

So this gthr-gnat.po seems to have an empty .symtab section.

If I change above elfterminate to a 'return NULL;' then
the build fails on the same gthr-gnat.po file with this message:

ERROR: nbctfconvert: failed to initialize DWARF: ELF error : Invalid
section descriptor [dwarf_elf_read(651)]


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