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remove ieee1394 macros

Hi! all,

I put my sources and diff.  These fixed some bugs since 20090405.



I tested on alpha and ofppc only.  I wish to test on MIPS machines.
However my MIPS machines(cobalt, sgimips) doesn't boot now.

  + IEEE1394 enclosure(sbp(4)) operated by alpha and ofppc.
  + ofppc talks TCP/IP with fwip(4) to evbppc with current-ieee1394.
    - However, both of these are big-endian...
  + Hot-plug OK
    - Detach sbp and SCSI by reset once like FreeBSD.
    - You can 'sysctl -w hw.ieee1394if.hold_count = 3'.

I will commit at next week.


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