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Re: COMPAT_40 broken in current amd64 kernel?

On Sun, 7 Mar 2010, Christos Zoulas wrote:

However, on a kernel built today, it gives me a core dump due to a "bad
system call".  The backtrace shows that this is the code leading up to
the bad syscall:

(gdb) x/10i 0x47a598
0x47a598:       jmpq   0x490ba0
0x47a59d:       data16
0x47a59e:       data16
0x47a59f:       nop
0x47a5a0:       mov    $0x74,%eax
0x47a5a5:       mov    %rcx,%r10
0x47a5a8:       syscall
0x47a5aa:       jb     0x47a598
0x47a5ac:       retq
0x47a5ad:       nop

0x74 == 116 is the old gettimeofday. Something is not loading compat_50.

Well, as I indicated, COMPAT_50 (and COMPAT_40) were both built-in to both kernels in question, so it shouldn't be a matter of "loading".

Regardless, I built a new kernel in a clean $OBJDIR and installed it; magically the problem did not reappear.

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