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Re: Consider letting /etc/rc.d/mountall require mdnsd

On 2/15/2010 12:05 PM, Erik Bertelsen wrote:
Actually this works fine when I issue a 'mount -a' command, but the
file system is not mounted during boot because /etc/rc.d/mountall runs
before /etc/mdnsd.

Changing /etc/rc.d/mountall as follows:

  diff /etc/rc.d/mountall .
<  # REQUIRE: mountcritremote named mdnsd ypbind
# REQUIRE: mountcritremote named ypbind

i.e. by adding mdnsd to the REQUIRE line causes mdnsd to start before
mountall is called and now the mount succeeds.

I'm not really an expert on the inner workings and dependencies of the
rc.d scripts, so I just want to solicit comments to the above change,
which at least in my case seems to work according to my intention (and
hopefully not harm anyone not using mdnsd).

mountcritremote mounts anything that mdnsd might need, right? (like /var perhaps?) If so, this change looks reasonable to me. The thing that matters is the dependencies of the mdnsd program.


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