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To build X sources, or not to build X sources

I ask this question as someone who runs no desktop NetBSD systems, at the moment.

I've been keeping my src and xsrc trees up to date when I build things. And was thinking, "Why are these separate?" Clearly, the answer is because many people don't need/want the xsrc repository.

Myself, I've been of the habit of installing xbase on all systems, just to have the few clients I need to, say, run "resize" and various other things. I can't remember the last time I actually invoked a true X client on my servers, though, so I've come to wonder, is there really any point in continueing to build all of the X packages?

In large part, this e-mail is an inquiry of opinion. Is there anyone who finds the basics of building X important, yet still isn't planning to use it to run X servers and/or specific X clients?

Just wondering if I can/should save myself some build time [until I next consider running a NetBSD desktop]...


                   - Chris

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