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UVM brekage (was Re: new kernel resets system - "solution")

Except build errors, I broke UVM at:

revision 1.151
date: 2010/02/02 04:35:35;  author: uebayasi;  state: Exp;  lines: +111 -31
uvm_fault: Split "neighbor" fault and loan handling into functions.

Then fixed it at:

revision 1.156
date: 2010/02/02 18:49:23;  author: uebayasi;  state: Exp;  lines: +27 -29
uobj->pgops->pgo_get doing PGO_SYNCIO returns a uobjpage whose uobj backpointer
refers to another "uobj" used to call pgo_get.  Revert the wrong assertion
I made.  My bad.

(This and pgo_get's possible ERESTART return value check is the only 2 
changes I made.)

Reported by drochner@, thanks.

(Do we have any place to record such a breakage?)


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