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Re: some email doesn't get to current-users?

Hi, Noah

>>>>> On Thu, 4 Feb 2010 16:00:28 -0500, Noah McNallie 
>>>>> <> said:

> scratch that still loosing a bunch of emails, there is obviously some issue
> between gmail servers and netbsd's majordomo, even using straight gmail web
> interface.. no i'm not a complete idiot.

The reason why delivery of your mails got delayed was because your
posts had HTML attachments in their contents.
All NetBSD mailing lists have a mail filter against any HTML attachment
to prevent flood of spams.  So, all HTML mails require explicit
approval by the mailing list maintainer.

Please configure your E-Mail program to disable HTML attachment for
postings to the NetBSD mailing lists, if possible.
For example, there should be a "Plain text" option between the Subject
line and the text area in the Gmail Web interface.
This configuration not only prevents the delay of the mail delivery,
but also reduces a load of my mailing list administration.

BTW, is there any mail which hasn't been delivered yet in
current-users mailing list?
If there is, please let me know via mails to

SODA Noriyuki, as a mailing list administrator of current-users

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