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Re: cvs problem

On Jan 30,  1:07pm, (Steven Bellovin) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: cvs problem

| Even for client-server, I'm not sure that that particular change makes much=
|  sense.  If nothing else -- and I think there are other reasons -- the prob=
| lem is initializing a CVS repository, which is presumably done locally on t=
| he server side.  Even without that, if the cvs command is running in server=
|  mode it has to know it, in order to speak the proper over-the-wire protoco=
| l, which means that at the least it should do the check only if in server m=
| ode, not if invoked locally.

Well, I've had cvsroots trashed by clueless people who typed cvs init
on top of an existing root. But if people think this is a problem, I will
disable the check.


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